Newmarket Wedding Photographers Present: Why Every Couple Should Consider a First Look on Their Wedding Day.

Congratulations, you’re engaged. Today we’re discussing “first look” wedding photography and why I think every couple should consider a first look on their wedding day.

I always recommend a first look to couples that are hosting their ceremony and their wedding reception at the same venue and here’s why. It’s very common for your cocktail hour to begin immediately after the ceremony is completed. So, while we’re off shooting bridal party and family photos, your guests are hanging out, enjoying each others company and eating those fantastic shrimp cocktails that you paid extra for.

Truthfully your cocktail hour is your first opportunity to breathe and relax, to see your friends and extended family and actually engage in conversation with them. The last thing that you want to do is go from your ceremony directly into family and bridal party photographs, leaving you only enough time to line up for your grand entrance into your reception hall. Which then sets off a whole new chain of reception formalities.

If your wedding was the Super Bowl, your cocktail hour would be the halftime show. You and your wedding team earned the opportunity to enjoy the halftime show. Scheduling a first look gives us the opportunity to capture all the amazing wedding party photographs prior to your ceremony. So once your ceremony is complete and you’re married, you’re free to join the cocktail hour and enjoy the company of your guests. Oh, and also those shrimp cocktails.

If you have any other questions regarding first look wedding photography, feel free to give me a call or reach out via my website.

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