Newmarket Wedding Photographers Present: Why Every Couple Should Schedule an Engagement Session Prior to Their Wedding.

Congratulations you’re engaged.

This is Ahmad from Knight Image Photography. Today I’m discussing engagement photographs and why I believe every couple should schedule an engagement shoot prior to their wedding day.

As a wedding photographer, our first opportunity working together should not be on your wedding day. Scheduling and engagement shoot prior to your wedding day gives us a chance to develop our relationship and give us the opportunity to build a stronger bond and trust. Secondly, most people aren’t naturally comfortable in front of a camera let alone being affectionate in public, in front of a camera.

In regards to posing, the engagement session gives me the opportunity to guide and coach you. Everybody’s body type is different. With the engagement session I’m able to see how well the two of you fit together so that I can show you what works and what doesn’t work in regards to posing so that when we get to the actual wedding day, posing is the last thing on your mind allowing us to focus on the chemistry between the two of you and capturing those beautiful images and emotion between you.

This is the reason why an engagement session is included in all of my wedding packages at no extra charge.

Having the opportunity to work together prior to your wedding day makes my job so much easier on the day of the wedding and my clients have absolute trust that I will capture the images and emotions that they expect from me.

I hope this video helped. If you have any questions at all about engagement photography feel free to contact me through my website or comment below.

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