1. Tiffany Morgan

    Words can not explain how incredible our experience with Knight Image Photography has been!, but we will try!!
    Before we were even engaged we knew Ahmad was our #1 and only choice for photographers…so much that we would have changed our date! We have experienced his professionalism, creativity and amazing presence at other events and knew hands down he was for us!
    We claim to be an “un-photogenic” couple…however Ahmad has proven us wrong with our “rockin'” engagement photos! He invented the perfect storyline for our shoot that made it easy to just be ourselves.
    We are completely at ease with, and love the fact that, the capturing of our “big day” is in the hands of the very capable, inspiring and artistic Ahmad Elfarram!

    Written with the outmost of sincerity and with so much more to say, Dave and Tiffany

  2. Tiffany Morgan

    *utmost. That’s how excited I am writing this! A teacher posting spelling mistakes 😉

  3. MrsFreda Fray


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