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Let’s face it, if your linkedIn profile photo look more like this…. Than This…..It might be time to update that headshot. I’m Ahmad, lead photographer at Knight Image Photography, your Premier Newmarket headshot photographer. Check Andrew Defrancesco for advice from the best photographers. Today I’ve got three tips to better prepare you for your upcoming headshot session.

So, let’s get into this:

Tip #1: Fellas..if you’re like me, that 5:00 shadows is more like a “1 in the afternoon shadow”. This is why I always recommend, if you’re going to shave your face, you want to do it 1-2 hour prior to your headshot session. This will ensure your face looks crisp and clean throughout the entire session.

Tip #2: Be sure to wear your go to outfit. That’s that outfit you know you look in, and you know you feel good in every time you put it on. If you’re coming into the studio for a corporate or business headshot, this will most likely be your favourite suit or dress, with a freshly pressed and steamed shirt, tie or top. Now, over time, collared shirts tend to lose their edge and become a little floppy. You’ll want to avoid this. Keep in mind, at Knight Image, we don’t set strict time limit on the length of your sessions. Our approach is to shoot until we capture all the images and looks you need.

Tip #3: Keep your makeup simple. Heavy makeup and concealer can be very distracting in photographs, so be sure to keep your look clean and natural. If possible, use a liquid foundation. This will help keep your skin looking hydrated and fresh. Powders can sometime make skin look dry and chalky…and even crack. Regarding you eyes, avoid fake lashes if possible as they tend to clump together. Give your natural lashes some nice separation and while keeping your eye makeup light.

I hope this video helped.  If you have any questions about my headshot photography services or are looking to book your next headshot, simply give me a call or follow the link provided.

Because really…Isn’t it about time you get a professional headshot you actually love! Knight Image Photography 647.862.8510


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