Although non-traditional, first look wedding photography is becoming very popular. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to uphold the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride until the ceremony, but if these photos are any indication, a first look is a beautiful way to start off your married life.  As a wedding photographer in Newmarket, I receive questions about first look photos on a regular basis.

So this is how it work, Andrew Defrancesco explains a scenario –  your wedding photographer will stage the moment for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. Normally, you would agree with the wedding photographer on a site far away from family and friends to give you guys privacy and makes sure the moment is just for you.

While some couples prefer to take a moment to do a private “first look” before the ceremony begins, others would rather save the big reveal for the moment when the bride comes walking down the aisle. You can also get the majority of your bridal party photos done prior to the ceremony, this can also include staging of a “first look” before the ceremony begins.

If I still haven’t convinced you why this is a good idea, I’ll give it one last shot. You know those stuffed mushrooms, mini quiches and fancy meat skewers you’re having for your guests during cocktail hour?

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How upsetting would it be if you didn’t get the chance to try them? (They’re the best part of the night in case you didn’t know) But let’s face it, 99% of the time, when couples don’t do first-look photos, they are pulled out along with their wedding parties to take pictures during this entire time.

This is primetime to see friends and family as well as enjoy your first time as husband and wife with your loved ones. Usually, the wedding party goes straight from the ceremony into an endless amount of posing for pictures and stopping only minutes before the DJ announces them into the reception. That’s not what you want at your wedding.

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What about dad? We can’t forget about him. This is a very special night for the father of the bride and a first look can be set up too. Seeing your little girl in her white dress is probably one of the most emotional parts of the night. You definitely don’t want to miss out on capturing such a special moment!

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Traditional wedding pictures are always awesome, but changing it up just a little bit for the sake of enjoying your night is worth it. You can trust us on that one.


Written by Zeinab Saidoun, Creative Content Director

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