For the team at Knight Image Photography, it was an absolute pleasure being a part of this wedding and getting to know Lori and Fraser in the year prior to their special day.  Having met Lori and her family at the Burlington bridal Show last year we instantly clicked.  For Knight Image, the opportunity to make connections with couples like Lori and Fraser prior to the actual wedding day is key in creating images which truly represent the feelings, emotions and excitement of the day.

With the wedding at the Sunnyside Pavilion in Toronto on a beautiful Saturday in July, our team knew the location would present many exciting surprises and opportunities for us (located on a public beach with an active boardwalk).  One of these surprises which presented itself was a bright red piano sitting on the boardwalk waiting to be played.  The piano was part of the “play me I’m yours” public art installations place across Toronto in celebration of the 2015 Pan American Games.   Having known Fraser was a talented musician, it was long before we had him entertaining his bride, the bridal party and a crowd of sun bathers who gathered to watch (and listen).