As a wedding photographer in Newmarket I’m always amazed at the opportunities that present themselves when I look for them in between the standard moments at every wedding.  I love finding these brief glimpses of beauty that generally go unnoticed by those involved.  This is one of those beautiful and candid moments that was unplanned.  To give you a little back story about this image, this photograph was taken at Taboo Resort and Spa in Muskoka, Ontario during the wedding of  Michelle and Edward.
We had just finished a series of bridal party photographs on the dock and it was now time for all of us to head back to the reception.  The water that evening was pretty choppy.  As the bridal party began walking up the dock to land, Michelle and Edward trailed behind.  Hand in hand they slowly walked up the dock, taking their time and savouring a brief moment alone.  All the while I sat with legs crossed on a parallel dock, camera in hand watching them through the viewfinder of my 200mm lens.  I waited for the perfect moment. And this is what I got.
Knight Image Photography Why We Love This Photograph Taboo Resort and Spa Wedding Photography_140223_001
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