Hello! My name’s Ahmad, and I’m a wedding photographer in Newmarket, Ontario. I’m one of many photographers in fact! You probably came across my site through a Google search, which presented you with a long list of Newmarket wedding photographers. Some of which are pretty darn good (yes, I am friends with many local photographers).

Thanks for stopping by my site. That’s me on the left (my Magnum face!): Husband, father of three, and audiophile…I have a serious problem with vinyl. Oh, and photographer.

Every day I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet, connect and photograph the most amazing couples. Follow the steps below and let’s see if we can be amazing together!

Step One: Check out the Galleries page and fall in love with the photographs

Step Two: Download the Wedding Price List

Step Three: Let’s grab a cup of coffee and chat (Starbucks or Timmies?)

It’s as simple as that! I look forward to meeting you and answering all your questions.

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